Just not married as yet

“Bachelors should be heavily taxed. It is not fair that some men should be happier than others.“   Oscar Wilde

The Mumbai rental market seems to have taken Oscar Wilde rather seriously as it is becoming extremely taxing for bachelors to find a rented apartment in Mumbai. This bias based on marital status impacts the bachelors in the following forms:

Higher rentals for the same apartment

The first burden to be borne by bachelor tenants comes in the form of higher rent. The owners tend to charge differential rents for married tenants as opposed to bachelor tenants. This differential could range anywhere between 5-10%. We have come across all sorts of reasoning for this differential (some justifiable but mostly not) and have listed some of them below:

  • Higher rental is justified as the burden of rent has to be shared by each individual.
  • Higher rental covers for the risk of presumably lower maintenance by bachelors as opposed to a family.
  • Higher rental covers for the risk of any potential nuisance or disturbance that may be created by bachelors.
  • Higher rental is justifiable as the owner has to deal with administrative hassles of early termination of leases or early vacation by one or few of the housemates.

Significant lower availability of apartments

The second hurdle faced by bachelors relates to lower availability of apartments. This is on account of restrictions imposed by several societies and/or owners on giving the apartment on lease to bachelors. Many prime societies in Mumbai have placed a blanket ban on renting apartments to singletons. To know if bachelors are allowed in a society of your interest, contact a SimpLease representative today.

Higher brokerage charges

Sometimes the tenants are forced to pay brokerage charges as high as two months rent because they find it difficult to find apartments for themselves. This is a typical case of some brokers exploiting the situation. We would urge bachelors not to give in to such exploitative demands and pay the normal brokerage charges only.

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